Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Serious Inquiries Only

For Sale, Cheap:

One overflowing gallon of restless ennui

Two pseudo-scientific treatises on the instinctive urge to bite and bite again

A half-full pail of spiraling, foaming, black-eyed jealousy

Ten thousand junk food oblivions and their attendant self-loathings

A six pack of 'at this point, I'd fuck anything' regrets

A baker's dozen of smug eye-rolls from the younger, the cuter, 

The better-dressed

A smothering wave of relentless, unhinged, big-C Capitalism


A red-ringed, tear-stained, Xbox--
One-time heaven, always a friend

Reluctantly parted

Serious inquiries only (I mean it!)
Finally moving on
Need all of this junk gone yesterday...


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