Tuesday, April 18, 2017

 The Silent Cooperative

An alien invasion,
The ships incommunicado
Beyond the stratosphere,
Passionless and precise,
Destroying with impunity.

The minds of Earth puzzled
As they headed underground,
What could they possibly want?
A committee was formed to discuss
The forming of two more committees.

The Internet hummed with eyewitness
Accounts of tragic, slow motion demise.
Twenty-four hour news channels
Foamed with rabid enthusiasm
Everyone had a story to sell.

The destruction continued until
The Earth lay in smoking ruin.
Agents fielded movies-of-the-week
From sumptuous bunkers, curious
As to which stars remained alive.

The blogs and twitter and v-casts
Boiled up like fragrant sewage
To choke the survivors--
An orgy of over-sharing, over-emoting
Martyred, in their digital fortresses

As they departed, the visitors
Delivered a final message to the
Survivors wallowing in misery.
The repeated message said simply:

Be quiet.

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